Two including Captain on oil tanker that caught flames rescued

The New Diamond crude carrier of Indian Oil Corporation is on fire

The captain and an officer on a crude oil tanker that caught fire in the seas off Sangaman Kanda in Ampara have been rescued, the Navy said.

Steps are being taken to bring the rescued crew members ashore, navy spokesman Captain Indika de Silva noted.

Meanwhile, two Russian vessels have also joined the rescue operation of the crew members aboard the ‘New Diamond’ vessel.

This was after the Russian Embassy in Colombo had approved the operation.

The two Russian vessels had docked at the Hambantota Port earlier this week for replenishment and to provide a rest for the crew.

The ‘MT New Diamond’ crude oil tanker had caught fire in the Eastern seas this morning leaving at least one injured.

The Navy has dispatched two vessels to assist the resuce operation of the crew while the Air Force has deployed its “Beechcraft” aircraft.

India had also deployed three vessels and an aircraft to assist in dousing the fire on the distressed vessel.

(Source: News1st)