Ulterior motive behind sudden prorogation of Parliament – Sajith

Sajith Premadasa

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa says he believes there is an ulterior motive behind the sudden prorogation of Parliament.

MP Premadasa said the government will be able to conceal new evidence pertaining to the sugar tax scam being revealed if Parliament debates are postponed.

Speaking at a function the Opposition Leader said the government suffered major losses due to the reduction in sugar taxes that ultimately resulted in a Rs.15.9 billion decrease in tax revenue.

He reiterated that certain committees in Parliament were diligently engaged in duties, adding that after Parliament was prorogued, such committees will be dissolved.

Explaining the progress of the Committee on Public Accounts MP Premadasa said, the Committee was investigating the sugar tax scam that saw a reduction in the import tax from Rs.50 to Rs.0.25.

However, the Opposition Leader accused the government of granting businessmen an entire month to obtain exorbitant profits.

(Source: News Radio)