UNP owes Sirasa

Sajith Premadasa

UNP former Deputy Leader and Hambantota District MP, Sajith Premadasa, vehemently condemned the attempt to suppress Sirasa TV. He said that Sirasa TV provided reliable information to the public and as a media organization, it’s a strength to the country.

“Sirasa TV is a media institute which has fought for human rights, and it always stands for democracy,” he said.

He added that Sirasa had done enormous service to the UNP and this should never be forgotten. “Sirasa has always exposed corruption, dictatorship and suppression, whatever the party in power,” he said.

“Some new UNPers do not even know about the service Sirasa had rendered. People who joined the Party only three or four years back might not know the history, but we must keep in mind that we are forever in debt to Sirasa for the enormous support they gave to the UNP,” Premadasa said.

He further noted that the person who played the main role in suppressing the media during the days of the People’s Alliance Government is today acting on a contract of the government in trying to suppress Sirasa TV.

“Sirasa TV was attacked thrice for fighting for democracy, but its journey cannot be stopped. The UNP always stands for media freedom and we will do our best to ensure that the public’s right to information is secure,” he added.

(Courtesy: Ceylon Today)