US intervention must be stopped – Gammanpila

Udaya Gammanpila

Leader of the Pivithuru Hela Urumaya (PHU), MP Udaya Gammanpila, on 4 August, addressed a conference organised by ‘STOP USA’, in Kandy, regarding the alleged intervention of the United States.

Speaking at the conference, MP Gammanpila claimed that the US Ambassador is very proactive these days, and she keeps meeting various people and attending various events.

“She has interfered with Sri Lanka’s governance so much that we have a doubt as to whether the Maithri-Ranil partnership or the US Ambassador is actually governing the country. Not only is she interfering with the governance, but also she is warning the future government, saying that the future governments are bound to implement agreements inked by the present government,” he alleged.

He alleged that the United State’s policy is a ‘dollar for dollar’ policy, and that it does not spend a single dollar if it does not benefit from it. The United States is giving 480 million US Dollars as a Trojan Horse, he further alleged.

MP Gammanpila, citing a book titled The Shock Doctrine penned by a Canadian writer named Naomi Klein, claimed that if the United States deems a certain country as a country that it needs to interfere, when a problem arises in that country, the United States enters it claiming to help it. MP Gammanpila further alleged how the United States interfered with the affairs of, and negatively affected Indonesia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. “It is clear that the United States is very skilled at interfering with a country’s affairs creating reasons to do so,” he claimed.

“The United States initially attempted to trigger a Sinhala-Muslim clash in the wake of the Easter Sunday attacks and then interfere in the country’s affairs. When we didn’t engage in conflicts, they assaulted Muslims in Chilaw, Kuliyapitiya and Minuwangoda. But still we did not attack anyone,” MP Gammanpila claimed, alleging that the United States will create another conflict in the country before the Presidential Election, and therefore the country needs to be  prepared.

MP Gammanpila further explained why the United States is attempting to establish in Sri Lanka, citing several reasons pertaining to Sri Lanka’s important geographical location in the Indian Ocean.

Addressing the conference, MP Gammanpila went on to allege that the biggest issue prevailing within the United States military is sexual harassments.

“As per a report issued by the Defence Department about sexual harassments, in 2018 alone, 20,500 military personnel, including 13,000 female officers and 7,500 male officers, had been subjected to sexual harassments by other military personnel,” MP Gammanpila alleged.

The number of such sexual harassments in 2018 had increased by 25 per cent compared to that of 2016, he alleged, claiming that three Asian countries, namely Iraq, South Korea, and Japan, have been affected by United States military that have established military bases in those countries.

“If the United States military came to Sri Lanka, a very dangerous situation will arise. We cannot send them back,” MP Gammanpila claimed.

“I proclaim confidently that this US intervention must be stopped, and we are able to put an end to it,” he claimed further.

(Source: Ceylon Today – By Sumudu Chamara)