Verdict on Makandure Madush’s extradition today

Makandure Madush

The verdict on whether underworld gang leader Makandure Madush who was arrested in Dubai will be repatriated to the country or not is to be announced today.

The deliberation will be reached taking into consideration an appeal filed by Makandure Madush calling for an order to prevent of his extradition to Sri Lanka.

31 individuals including singer Amal Perera, his son Nadeemal Perera, actor Ryan Van rooyan as well as drug smuggler Kanjipani Imran who were at the party organized by Makandure Madush were arrested by the Dubai police on the 5th of February.

Out of which 30 have been deported to the island.

Accordingly only Madush remains in the custody of the Dubai Police at present.

UPDATE: A Dubai court has postponed till May 9 its decision on Makandure Madush’s appeal against his deportation to Sri Lanka.