Warrant not necessary to arrest Rishad Bathiudeen: Court tells CID

Court decision

Fort Magistrate Priyantha Liyanage on Tuesday (13) said the Criminal Investigations Department does not need a warrant from a court in order to arrest MP Rishad Bathiudeen and two others, based on the nature of the charges filed against them.

The Fort Magistrate turned-down the request made by the Criminal Investigations Department to issue a warrant for the arrest of Rishad Bathiudeen and two others.

Fort Magistrate Priyantha Liyanage ordered the CID to act accordingly and report facts to the court.

Attorney General Dappula De Livera had directed the Acting IGP to obtain a warrant from Court and Arrest MP Rishad Bathuideen on charges of Criminal Misappropriation of Public Funds and Violation of Election Laws with regard to the Transportation of IDPs in CTB buses to vote at the 2019 Presidential Election.

(Source: News 1st)