We should step forward as a resurgent nation: President in his New Year Message

“As the New Year dawns we look towards to the future with much hope and enthusiasm brought about by firm resolution, commitment and good expectations for the country. Thus the joy of the New Year would be equally shared by all.

In the past several years we achieved great victories for the country, building the nation with dignity and strength. These victories were made possible by a forward-looking approach and utilizing every available opportunity to bring honour and glory to the nation. While this led to a united country, it also saw the beginning of a new era of development with new ports, major irrigation schemes, new airports and expressways.

Embracing all the victories we have achieved, we should step forward as a resurgent nation. This progress will be expedited by forging a political tradition that is based on new thinking. With regard to unity among communities we should act with new vision. It is my belief that the development of the country now moving in new direction could be expedited by such vision and thinking. Similarly, our resolution for the New Year should be to work with tolerance, kindness, understanding and co-existence.

As we build a new country for the future by working together in thought and deed I call upon you to come forward with great resolve and fresh expectations.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.”


Source: Government News Portal