What have Center for Policy Alternatives, National Peace Council and Transparency International done with Rs.600million given to them?


– by Shenali Waduge –

When foreign nations like Canada, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, the EU and USA collaborate to donate 3 NGOs that are often quoted on international arena as the mouthpieces for “democracy”, “transparency” and “truth” our next question unanswered thus far is what have these organizations being doing with Rs.600million given to them?

Rs.277million to the Center for Policy Alternatives headed by Mr. Pakiasothy, Rs.171million to the National Peace Council headed by Jehan Perera and Rs.174million to Transparency International now needs to provide answers as they are eternally seeking truth from all others.

The Rs.600million is only disclosed amounts of funds given to the three NGOs – undisclosed amounts are anyone’s guess.

The manner in which foreign nations uses their agencies to fund various initiatives/campaigns, conferences etc are too many to list. Russia recently closed USAID as it was accused of interfering in political processes in Russia.

While we are unlikely to know exactly the nature of the monies being lavished upon NGOs in Sri Lanka are meant to do we can only speculate that chunks of these are perfect reason to win allegiance from even media personnel – so very few would even go the length to question what such funds are actually used for and in what ways destabilizing of Sri Lanka takes place.

In the meanwhile, these same people demand “freedom” and “transparency”.