Will Canada tell Rathika Sitsabaiesan that Canada Remembrance Day and LTTE Terrorists Day is not the same

Rathika Sitsabaiesan

This is what happens when LTTE tiger cubs are adopted and given asylum in Canada. First they would start establishing ‘Eelam areas’, then they would begin to appoint ‘Eelam’ MPs fooling the Canadian voters and thereafter they would begin celebrating LTTE leaders birthday followed by comparing LTTE combatants to Canadian War Heroes. Canada must now realize and empathize with Sri Lanka on banning any celebration related to the LTTE in Sri Lanka. LTTE are no heroes of Tamils or any others. LTTE are heroes only for those that were part of the LTTE and benefited because of the LTTE. Those that are now trying to celebrate an LTTE defeated in 2009 are only attempting to revive LTTE terrorism. A terrorist organization that killed on foreign shores is very much capable of being contracted to do similar mischief even in Canada where a lot of LTTE cadres who escaped to Canada now live ‘leaderless’ with the assistance of foreign elements connected to LTTE and parties that have over the years funded and supported the LTTE. Rathika’s speech – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qkgCwMmofM

What cheek for Rathika Sitsabaiesan to think that she had the approval of all when she boldly stood up before the House of Commons in a bid to commemorate a terrorist leader and to add insult to injury even suggest that the LTTE brutes be placed on par with Canadian war veterans and the Remembrance Day celebrations held for them. Now this is carrying the joke a bit too far.

Canada has tolerated LTTE elements enough and long overdue action against them has to take place whatever pals the pro-LTTE groups have built up with Canadian MPs, media and others over the years – the national security of Canada matters. Moreover, isn’t LTTE designated as a terrorist organization by the Canadian Government?

Therefore when none other than the MP for Public Safety, Hon. Steven Blaney demands an apology that apology should come from not only Rathika but a host of other pro-LTTE elements operating in Canada that includes Canadian Tamil Congress now proscribed by the GOSL under UN Security Council Resolution 1373 as an LTTE front.

What an affront to the Canadian veterans, who bravely safeguard the nation and its people to end up being compared to a ruthless outfit like the LTTE terrorists, serial killers for 3.

It is time Canada took stock of the false statements and lies that pro-LTTE groups and MPs such as Rathika are making fooling the Canadian public. Every LTTE Heroes Day wherever it is held does not show sympathy or empathy with victims, Heroes Day is celebrated for all those that the LTTE killed every year, every month and the LTTE cadres that were responsible for those deaths.

The massive cut outs, Eelam flags and facebook pages of all organizations associated with LTTE funding and propaganda are all linked to this celebration. They may have all won for themselves citizenship and prominent places among parliamentarians and NGO circles nevertheless, it makes a joke out of government laws when inside Canada’s own parliament an elected MP equates LTTE with Canadian War Heroes and the LTTE Heroes day with Canadian Remembrance Day.

Suffice it to say that the LTTE Heroes Day has been celebrated openly in Canada for many years. It has been graced by Canadians too.

Would an apology really suffice for if LTTE is designated a terrorist outfit and the MP is appealing to remember LTTE dead that equates to an allegiance to LTTE. It is a good time for the Canadian authorities to continue investigating all LTTE links and get an estimate of the money laundering they would have been involved in and possibly still involved in as well.

Is Rathika harbouring a larger plan to lobby for an Eelam in Canada riding on the 300,000 Tamil immigrants? She came into intelligence radar visiting LTTE patrons in both Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.

This is not the first occasion that LTTE Heroes Day has been celebrated in Canada or in countries where LTTE remains banned. Often referred to as Mahaveerar Naal, Tamil Heroes Day,Canada Heroes Day (Not for Canadians by LTTE) which has been celebrated on 27th November every year since 1989. They also try to dupe the authorities by referring to Tamil Heritage Day, Remembrance Day – all these are to celebrate LTTE fallen ‘heroes’ and not any Tamil civilian.

  • In 2014 Tamils were asked to remember the LTTE dead – at the Markham Fairgrounds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxJYz9mjILY
  • In 2012 The Tamil Student’s Association @ University of Toronto St. George Campus celebrated the Mahaveerar Naal
  • In 2011 Canadian PM Stephen Harper was put on the defensive when a party member had hosted a televised tribute to LTTE. Globe and Mail reported that Gavan Paranchothy had hosted a pro-LTTE television show and referred to LTTE as ‘strong and faithful people who stood guard for the Tamils, fought for freedom and peace’. Paranchothy even travelled with Harper to South Asia in 2009 and his electorate is largely Tamil.
  • In 2001 Mahaveer Day (LTTE Heroes Day) organized by the World Tamil Movement (now banned by Canada) was cancelled by Canada following lobbying by expat groups headed by SLUNA – Sri Lanka United National Association
  • Appeals made to Canadian Government to investigate LTTE support/propaganda and financing in Canada sent to the LTTE has never been investigated
  • Canadian Finance Minister Paul Martin / M Minna and other MPs have attended LTTE fundraisers in 2000 – No action taken against them
  • Canadian MPs, Local Politicians etc openly take part in LTTE propaganda. Canada’s Liberal MPs have attended ceremonies honoring LTTE leaders – Canada has never investigated them
  • Why is Canadian MP Bob Rae never investigated for links
  • Amnesty International accepted $50,000 from the Canadian Tamil Congress which is now banned by the GOSL. At the presentation of the cheque CTC openly thanked Canadian MP Stephen Harper and Foreign Minister John Baird for supporting their cause.Yet how many Canadian MPs actually think like Steven Blaney?   How many in Canada’s mainstream media have stopped going after LTTE terrorism?We can recall the hard editorial of the ‘National Post’ titled ‘Dancing with Tigers’ on 12th May 2000 accusing Paul Martin and M Minna for attending an LTTE fund raising event. The paper also highlighted over 40 Tamil gang shootings in Toronto members who had LTTE military training. The National Post also highlighted the scale of sophisticated crime – casinos, bank frauds, extortions, sale of contraband drugs, trafficking heroin, production and sale of counterfeit passports, illegal migrant smuggling, money laundering etc. The National Post also informed the Canadian public that LTTE fronts were planning victory parties in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa to celebrate LTTE. The National Post even wrote highlighting how LTTE funds use schools for fund raising – Liberal Party MPs had even participated at these events. The National Post even went to the extent of declaring that $22million had been sent by Canada to the LTTE.The series of exposures by National Post was following by the statement from Ward Elcock, the Director of Canadian Security Intelligence Service who said that terrorist organizations such as the LTTE are exploiting Canada’s wealth to finance bloodshed around the world ‘If you tolerate these activities, you can run into problems’. It was also highlighted how Prof. Elgau V Elagupillai, from the University of Ottawa and Carlton University was a key pro-LTTE front and was apart from being a Liberal Party member, the main organizer as well as being a member of FACT and the World Tamil Movement.  (http://www.uottawa.ca/-irceuo/bio/elagup.htm)  Prof. Elgau was first in the TRO (Tamil Rehabilitation Organization banned)We have Steven Blaney on the one hand and Martin Collacot (former Canadian High Commissioner for Sri Lanka and Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute) who says LTTE is trying to influence Canadian MPs, while the Parliamentary delegation from Canada comprising Deputy MP Joe Daniel, Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Multiculturalism Hon. Chungen Leung MP, and Member of the Conservative Party Marlene Gallyot visited Sri Lanka in January 2012 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxlQ01IbSf0 went to the extent to say none of what was sent collected by Tamil charities from Canada had reached the Tamil civilians. If so were the recipients not LTTE?At the same time if a terrorist organization can’t be compared to soldiers who have fought for core Canadian values, Canada must understand how Sri Lanka feels when remnants of the LTTE and people who prospered because of the LTTE wish to celebrate the deaths of LTTE cadres and not the Sri Lankan armed forces personnel who sacrificed their lives and limbs to protect the nation and free us from terrorism.Canada now needs to put diplomatic leverage aside to ensure its citizens are next protected from LTTE terrorists currently operating from Canadian soil. The statists of violence related to LTTE remnants living in Canada should suffice for Canada to take action by first investigating all individuals, organizations, charities associated with banned LTTE movements as well as those declared banned by the GOSL under UNSC Resolution 1373. It is an investigation well worth taking on behalf of the citizens of Canada in view of how terrorists are able to interlock with other terrorists and be contracted by them as well! 

– by Shenali D Waduge