“Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” Reaches Obama, Clinton

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Tamils for Obama has been passing around DVDs of UK Channel 4’s documentary “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields.” The Tamil group expects that increased viewing of this story of Sri Lankan horrors will bring greater awareness and sympathy to their movement. They also expect that the DVD will generate chatter among the Congress people to whom they’ve delivered it, and that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton will want to know what the chatter is about, and so Tamils for Obama is sending copies of the DVD to Obama and Clinton.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 25, 2011

“Leaders want to be aware of what is going on around them,” said a spokesman for the political group Tamils for Obama. “We are making efforts to make sure that every member of Congress has a chance to view UK Channel 4’s documentary ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields.’ We expect that there will be chatter among the legislators and their staffs about this documentary. We also expect that the president and secretary of state will want to keep up with the current topic, and so we have sent them each a DVD of this presentation.”

“Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” is a documentary by UK Channel 4’s news department. It tells of the atrocities and horrors done by Sri Lanka’s government during and since the Sri Lankan civil war. This news program uses the phrase “war crime” to describe some of the government actions.

“We are spreading this documentary around to every influential and important person we can reach,” said the spokesman. “We think that every intelligent person in the world should be told of what went on–and is still going on–in Sri Lanka.”

Tamil for Obama believes that widespread awareness of the horrors in Sri Lanka will get them closer to their eventual goal of an independent Tamil homeland in the northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka.

“Awareness in DC of the atrocities in Sri Lanka is a step toward our goal,” said the Tamils for Obama spokesman. “Awareness by Obama and Clinton is an important part of this.”

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