All teachers must support trade union action – CTSU

Mahinda Jayasinghe

Today marks the 74th day of the teachers and principals trade union struggle, which was launched over salary anomalies.

The Ceylon Teachers Service Union said all teachers in the country must support the trade union action if they are to win over their demands and end the trade union struggle.

Taking to social media this morning, the Chief Secretary of the Union Mahinda Jayasinghe said the active participation of some teachers in the trade union struggle is very low despite efforts to make the teachers and principals strike a success.

Jayasinghe said teachers must inform parents of their grievances, adding however that some teachers have not released two videos that were issued by him pertaining to the union action.

He noted teachers have halted private practices as part of the trade union action.

Jayasinghe called on all teachers to be active participants rather than observers.

(Source: News Radio)