Amaraweera promises to develop public transport, stop giving vehicles to politicians

Mahinda Amaraweera

Transport Services Management Minister Mahinda Amaraweera says that the transport sector will be developed in such a way that the government will be able to scrap the duty-free vehicle scheme for MPs.

Addressing a public rally, in Hambantota, on Tuesday, the Minister said public funds to the tune of billions of rupees, were spent on purchasing vehicles for politicians. “It is the taxpayers who foot the bill. Not only MPs, but also provincial council members are given duty free vehicle permits,” the Minister said.

“People seem to think politicians are a bunch of parasites living off taxpayers. Decades back, politics was considered an honorary service. I believe that the vehicle permit scheme for the MPs was introduced because there was no proper public transport service at that time. I will take action to upgrade the public transport system so that the MPs, too, can travel in buses and trains.

(Source: The Island)