Amnesty Int condemns death row decision

Amnesty International

Amnesty International says it is shocked by President Maithripala Sirisena’s decision to sign the death warrants of four prisoners jailed on drug-related offenses.

Amnesty International noted the lack of transparency of the process makes it impossible to ascertain whether prisoners have exhausted clemency appeals, or if all safeguards were followed in their conviction or sentencing.

The statement stressed there is also no confirmation that the four prisoners, or their families, have been alerted to their imminent execution.

South Asia Director at Amnesty International Biraj Patnaik said “At a time when other countries have come to the realisation that their drug control policies are in need of reform, and are taking steps to reduce the use of the death penalty, Sri Lanka is bucking the trend. This will be devastating to the country’s international reputation and we hope that President Sirisena will reconsider his decision.”

Amnesty has repeatedly called on President Sirisena to halt his plans to resume executions, making clear that the death penalty does not have a unique deterrent effect on crime.

(Source: News Radio)