Army ready to set up more centres – Shavendra

Sri Lanka Army Commander Shavendra Silva

The Army is ready to set up more COVID-19 treatment centres as required, if the number of patients increase in future due to the prevailing pandemic situation, said Army Commander, General Shavendra Silva.

He also said the Army is ready to provide even 10,000 beds to hospitals if needed.

He said, matters pertaining to places where the infected would be treated was discussed at length on 27 April. He also said the President instructed to take necessary steps to facilitate the treatment of all infected people.

“We discussed the increase in the numbers of ICU beds and other beds and what are the hospitals that would be used for the purpose. We have already discussed with health professionals how to care for patients,” General Silva said.

In addition, the Army and the Tri-forces have well trained and experienced medical units. We are ready to deploy trained officers in any emergency for this purpose. In this situation, the Armed Forces are ready to do everything possible to protect the people, he added.

Speaking further, he said “We kindly request people to pay attention only to the information issued by the official institutions. Because at the moment, various groups are spreading false information to win back their personal agendas,”

The Army Commander also said, he would personally obtain information from the Director General of Health Services about the oxygen requirements in hospitals once every 12 hours. Oxygen suppliers in the country tell us that there are enough oxygen reserves at present, he noted.

“We do not know which area will be isolated in the current situation. It depends on the number of patients and associates identified. So, it is very important that we be prepared for any emergency. I would say it is always important to keep a pack of items, as many as you need for a few days, General Silva further said.

(Source: Ceylon Today)