Bandula ready for public debate

Education Minister Bandula Gunawardene said today said he was ready for a public debate to prove that a family of three could survive with a monthly income of Rs.7500.

He told a news conference he would meet anyone with a sound knowledge of economics to disprove what he said.

Mr. Gunawardene said his argument was that a small family could survive on Rs.7,500 a month and pointed out that school hostels spend only Rs.2,500 to feed a student for a month.

The minister who used to be an economics teacher said a family spends only 41 per cent of the monthly income for food and the rest is spent on clothes and to pay utility bills.

He said this is what is computed by the Colombo Consumer Price Index which works out the average income of a family and their spending patterns.
The minister said his argument was based on sound economic principals and he could prove it any time.


Courtesy: DM Online