Century and half old Telegram service terminated


The government will abolish the telegram service in the country from October this year as telecommunication facilities have reached over 95 percent of the population.

The Telecommunication and Information Technology Ministry jointly with the Department of Posts took this decision as the number of persons using this service has seen a sharp drop during the past few years.

The post of messenger is also to be terminated. The present cadre would be elevated to the rank of postman with the annulment of this service which was in operation for more than 150 years in the country.

Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya said the ministry has communicated this decision to the Speaker and the termination is effective from October end. Minister Siyambalapitiya said the number of households with fixed telephone have increased from 1,244,000 in 2005 to 3,449,000 in 2012.

He added that the use of mobile phones has also increased by 505 percent when compared with figures in 2005.

(Courtesy: Daily News)