China responds to reports of exporting monkeys from Sri Lanka

Toque macaque monkeys in Sri Lanka

(Photo by Silver Ringvee on Unsplash)

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka says that the country’s wildlife authorities have clarified that they are not aware of the request to export 100,000 toque macaque monkeys from Sri Lanka to a Chinese private company and that no such application has been received from any side.

The Chinese Embassy made the following statement on twitter over the issue:

The Embassy has noticed recent disinformation on local and foreign media about Sri Lanka to export “100 thousands” of “endangered” toque macaque monkeys to a Chinese private company for “experimental purpose”, as well as detailed clarifications by the Minister of Agriculture and the Cabinet Spokesperson of Sri Lanka thereafter.

The Embassy has also checked with relevant authorities in Beijing. The Chinese National Forestry and Grassland Administration, the main government department supervising and managing the import and export of wild animals and plants, clearly clarified that it is not aware of the request and has not received such application from any side.

The Embassy would like to further stress that as a contracting party of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), China has already adopted its Wildlife Protection Law in 1988 with several amendments afterwards. The Chinese government always attaches great importance to wildlife protection and actively fulfill international obligations, which makes China one of top countries in the world in terms of wildlife protection legislation and law enforcement.