Consumer Affairs Authority imposes several conditions on 48 items

Consumer Affairs Authority in Sri Lanka

A Gazette Extraordinary has been issued by the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) imposing several conditions on the import, storing, marketing or selling of 48 items.

It has been issued by the Chairman of the CAA as a Special Direction under Section 10(1)(b)(ii) of the Consumer Affairs Authority Act, No. 9 of 2003.

Accordingly CAA imposing conditions on the import, production, marketing, storing, and the sale of several goods including rice, sugar, wheat flour, dhal, eggs, chicken, potatoes, big onions, milk powder, medical devices and accessories, diapers and sanitary napkins, agrochemicals, LP Gas and cement.

The Gazette notification issued by CAA Chairman Shantha Niriella states that goods demanded by a consumer or any person should be supplied within a reasonable period and without delay, the maximum of manufacturing capacity should be maintained unless there is no sufficient raw material, labour or machinery and a receipt / bill in printed or electronic form should be issued to a consumer or any person containing the date of sale, quantity of goods sold, class of goods sold, total value of the goods sold and the batch number, if any.

See gazette notification for full list of items