Current Administration panders to whims and fancies of Rajapaksa clan – Harsha

Harsha De Silva

The incumbent Government was operating as per the wishes of the Rajapaksa clan, MP Dr. Harsha De Silva said on Sunday (August 14).

Addressing the media at the Opposition Leader’s Office, in Colombo, the MP said that the prevailing situation was not the expectation of the people at the Aragalaya protests.

“They demanded a system change. What I see is only a way of governing by the invisible hands of ghosts of the Rajapaksa family. It is run on the whims and fancies of either Basil Rajapaksa or another,” Dr. De Silva said.

“There is no solution in sight. We, as the Opposition, will not join the government but hope to restore order by actively contributing to the parliamentary committees. It is better to have an all-party government to tackle this crisis. But there should be a proper plan. The President has explained his plan, the time frame, who will take charge in steering the country out of this crisis. Now, many parties have expressed their unwillingness to join the all-party mechanism.

Dr. Harsha De Silva said the value of assets in the country had dwindled fast in recent times. “Inflation is at 60 percent. That means a person who had Rs 100,000 a few months back now has the same money but its actual worth is only Rs 40,000. Food inflation is at 80 percent. Spending Rs 100,000 one could buy only Rs 20,000 worth food.

Dr. Harsha De Silva released a 10-point common minimum programme for Sri Lanka’s economic recovery. The programme, titled “Blueprint: Out of the debt trap & towards sustainable inclusive development,” says, “Decades of shortsighted policies and halfhearted reforms weakened our foundation. Sudden global crises pushed us to the brink. Appalling mismanagement took us over the edge. Today, our state is bankrupt, inflation is rampant, the economy is at a standstill, and our socio-political order is in crisis”.

(Courtesy: The Island)