Dayan recommends sending CBK & SF to Parliament “immediately’’

Dayan Jayatilleka

Political analyst Dayan Jayatilleka has recommended sending former President Chandrika Kumaratunga and General Sarath Fonseka to Parliament immediately “in order to rebalance politics and denounced impunity.’’

Jayatilleka, once President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, has said in an article that he was making this recommendation although “I have a very dim view of Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga as a presidential candidate and Gen. Fonseka as a future president.’’

“All it takes is for a UNP National List MP or two to be persuaded to step down, and CBK can go into parliament and become a frontbencher or even the leader of the opposition,’’ he has said in an article titled “Theocratic Fascism and latent separatism.’’

“The same goes for Gen. Fonseka and if there is a legal impediment, Mrs. Anoma Fonseka can be sent

instead. These two, namely CBK and Mr. or Mrs. Fonseka will rock the House. They may even attract some MPs from the other side. They will soften up the government and change the atmosphere before the crucial pair of elections early next year.’’

“If this is not done now, one can only conclude that the UNP cares more about something other than rebalancing Sri Lanka’s politics.’’

Jayatilleka offers a five-point program to alter the status quo. Other than sending CBK and SF to parliament, the other points he makes are:

  • Support a left opposition with the JVP at its core and vanguard.
  • Effect a demarcation within the SLFP/UPFA in time for the Parliamentary elections by working on detaching the moderates of the SLFP from the family-dominated regime – not at the presidential election (it won’t work anyway) but at the parliamentary election.
  • Rebuild the political center by constructing a centrist coalition and re-opening the Middle Path in Sri Lanka politics. (“This can be only done by a combination of the anti-familial succession – but not anti-Mahinda – element of the SLFP and the non-Ranil element of the UNP.
  • Build the broadest possible multi-party united front under the leadership of the biggest opposition party, the UNP, “but not under the existing leader who cannot even reunify and restore the UNP’s own vote base!’’

(The Island)