Department of Registration of Persons introduces system to certify National Identity Cards online

National Identity Card of Sri Lanka

The Department of Registration of Persons has introduced a special programme to certify National Identity Card information through online technology.

Commissioner General of Registration of Persons Viyani Gunathilaka said the programme has been introduced as an interim solution to the electronic NIC process that is due to come into effect.

The Department said it provides the opportunity to certify the ID information of an individual when fulfilling service requirements of a bank, financial institution, public corporation, statutory board, government-acquired institution or institution established in Sri Lanka under any written law in Sri Lanka.

However, the said institutions must have entered into a prior agreement with the Department of Registration of Persons to certify the information mentioned in the ID.

Viyani Gunathilaka said the new programme will help in reliably establishing the identity of an individual, prevent fraud and corruption committed through the use of NICs and create a necessary environment for citizens to actively contribute to the economic process.

(Source: News Radio)