Duty on liquor, cigarettes revised

Sri Lanka wine store

Excise Duty on Cigarettes, Liquor and Ethyl Alcohol has been revised with effect from October 6, the Ministry of Finance and Planning said yesterday. Excise Duty on cigars, cigarettes, too has been revised with effect from the same date.

The new excise duty rates on wine, arrack, foreign liquor and malt liquor (Beer) are as follows, Liquor other than toddy or any liquor made from any cereal(Wine)(per Proof Litre) 898, Molasses, Palmyra, Coconut and Processed Arrack (per Proof Litre)1,0433D, Country made foreign spirits(per Proof Litre) 1,183.

Malt liquor (Absolute strength less than 5%)(per Bulk Litre) 100, Malt liquor (Absolute strength 5 percent and above) (per Bulk Litre) 116.

In accordance with the new duty revisions, Cigerrette prices too have gone up by a minimum of Rs.2.


Courtesy: Daily News