Four arrested for assaulting traffic cops at Batticaloa

Arrest handcuff

Four suspects have been arrested over assaulting two police officers and absconding with one of the officers firearms in Batticaloa.

The suspects, who were taken into custody last night (04), are aged 19, 23 and 55 years. They were identified as residents of Thibilativu, Sethukuda and Pudur areas in Batticaloa.

Two individuals travelling on a motorbike had obstructed the duties of the two police officers, who had stopped and were engaged in an inspection of another motorbike that travelled without a valid driver’s licence.

The two motorcyclists had also attempted to block the road whilst hindering the officers’ duties.

Subsequently the motorbike driven by the two officers had fallen to the ground, while several villagers had arrived at the scene and proceeded to assault the two officers, police said.

An individual who was involved in the assault had also seized one of the officer’s revolvers.

Further investigations are underway by the Batticaloa police to arrest the remaining suspects, along with the suspect who absconded with the firearm.