General Shavendra Silva strengthens Sri Lanka-Rwanda military ties at ‘KWIBOHORA 30’

General Shavendra Silva strengthens Sri Lanka-Rwanda military ties at 'KWIBOHORA 30'

Sri Lanka’s Chief of Defence Staff, General Shavendra Silva, visited Rwanda to attend the ‘KWIBOHORA 30’ (Liberation Day 30) National ceremony at Amahoro Stadium in Kigali. He also met with Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

The event marked the 30th anniversary of Rwanda’s liberation and was significant for both the host nation and international military delegations. It began with President Kagame inspecting the ceremonial military parade, creating an atmosphere charged with patriotism and pride.

A notable moment was the recognition of foreign military delegations, including General Shavendra Silva, highlighting the importance of international solidarity and strengthening bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and Rwanda.

After the ceremony, President Kagame held bilateral meetings with the heads of the invited foreign military delegations. During his discussion with General Silva, the President advised further enhancing military cooperation between Rwanda and Sri Lanka.

The ceremony featured a vibrant parade with military drills, band performances by the RDF and Police, and cultural displays. The stadium was filled with enthusiastic spectators, creating a lively atmosphere.

General Silva’s presence at the “KWIBOHORA 30” ceremony and his meeting with President Kagame emphasized the growing ties between Sri Lanka and Rwanda. His visit highlighted the importance of commemorating Rwanda’s achievements and paved the way for future collaborations in defense and other sectors.

The ‘KWIBOHORA 30’ ceremony was not just a celebration of Rwanda’s liberation but also a testament to unity and resilience. The participation of foreign military leaders, including General Silva, added an international dimension to the event, reinforcing bonds of friendship and cooperation among nations.