Government focused their campaign on nationalism – JVP

Sunil Handunnetti

The JVP says the government has limited the country to statements of intent solely based on nationalism, race and religion.

Speaking at a rally in Kandy yesterday former Parliamentarian Sunil Handunnetti said these were common traits among the people, that prompted action if threatened.

Handunnetti said people vested power with the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna as they focused campaigns and political slogans to influence all ethnicities.

He attributed this to Lankans arriving from overseas to cast their vote for the incumbent government.

He recalled of election promises made by the government, with punishing the perpetrators of the Easter Sunday attacks a top priority.

However former MP Handunnetti claimed the people have been misled.

Meanwhile the former MP said even if an individual escapes the coronavirus they cannot escape the high cost of living.

He pointed out that many daily wage earners were burdened with the high cost of living and cannot find employment.

(Source: News Radio)