“Government harassing Buddhist clergy” – Mahinda Rajapaksa

Mahinda Rajapaksa - Former President of Sri Lanka

Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa said, there is no other group that suffered more under this Government than the Buddhist clergy, as they even remanded monks.

He said this while attending a ceremony to present ‘Aktha Pathra’ to Ven. Kalubovitiyana Wimalarathana Thera, on 15 July, at the Nadeniya Sri Pala Bodhiraja Senasana.

“These leaders insult the monks and even the other religious leaders and try to agitate the people. Therefore, the President and the Prime Minister should take steps against the Ministers and Parliamentarians who make such statements,” he added.

He further said, there are leaders  who say that this is not a Buddhist country, adding that they should be advised to apologise to the people.

Rajapaksa said that President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe should immediately look into the case of those who offend Buddhist religious leaders, and if they do not, these persons should be punished in a different way.

He further said that for the past four years, the Buddhist clergy and various leaders had been insulted and condemned more than ever. He also pointed out that if proper actions were not taken on these matters, it was a serious insult to Buddhism, the clergy and the entire Buddhist community.

(Source: Ceylon Today)