Grant 2/3rd majority to introduce new Constitution – Bandula

Bandula Gunawardena

Minister Bandula Gunawardana has requested the public to provide an absolute majority to the government at the General Election in order to introduce a Constitution that will protect the people of the country.

Addressing a rally in Dambulla, Minister Gunawardana said a two thirds majority is required in order to introduce a new Constitution.

He promised to enact a new constitution that ensures all ethnicities can live without fear in a place that they wish, and also being able to engage in employment and cement their culture after the August 5th election.

He therefore requested the public to line-up and vote for his faction at the General Election.

On a separate note, Minister Bandula Gunawardana claimed that 1,000 schools equipped with modern facilities will be established in 2020.

The Minister said the main objective of the ‘Decade of Skills Development’ is that every child in the country will be able to enter a revolutionary phase of education after completing the Advanced Level examination.

He said the programme is included in the ‘Saubhagyaye Dekma’ policy statement.

(Source: News Radio)