Hospitalisation, oxygen dependency patients rise amid Omicron surge

Coronavirus breaking news

With the number of COVID cases continuing to soar due to spread of the Omicron variant, hospitalisations have increased by 10 percent while the number of patients depending on Oxygen has increased by eight percent.

According to COVID-19 Coordinator Dr. Anwar Hamdani, 5,300-5,400 are currently receiving treatment for COVID-19 at hospitals.

“This covers 40 per cent of the total bed capacity. Although there is no congestion at hospitals at present, active patients could surge in an unprecedented manner in future if health guidelines and the booster shots are ignored by people,” he stressed.

Dr Hamdani requested everyone to wear a face mask and be eligible to get the booster dose as early as possible.

Meanwhile, Dr. Malkanthi Galhena, the Chief Specialist of the Home-based Treatment Medical Team said her office had noticed a sharp increase in COVID patients under home-based care as well.

“The total number of patients under home-based care stands at around 3,347 which is a substantial number compared to the previous numbers,” she said.

The number of daily patients has surpassed the 800 mark for the fifth consecutive day since January 19. Before January 19, the number of daily patients ranged from 450 to 670.

Despite the increasing number of cases, the number of COVID fatalities remains at a low level, which is around 20.

(Source: Daily Mirror – By Sheain Fernandopulle)