Hotline to file complaints over “loud music” in buses

Inside view of a bus in Sri Lanka

The National Transport Commission has requested passengers to call the hotline 1955 to lodge complaints pertaining to private buses playing loud music and videos from the 1st of January.

The NTC has been authorized to take legal action against bus drivers and conductors based on complaints lodged by the public.

Measures have been taken to introduce a playlist consisting of one thousand songs allowed to be played on public transport buses from January, and also videos of vital information to be conveyed to commuters.

The playlist consisting of songs selected based on the evaluation by a committee of professionals will be distributed during a ceremony at 10am tomorrow, at the Makumbura transport hub premises.

Meanwhile, complaints pertaining to malpractices relating to private and STLB buses can also be lodged by calling the hotline 1955.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Transport Service Management has informed the National Transport Commission to introduce an additional hotline for the public to lodge complaints in this regard.

(Source: News Radio)