In America, corporate’s are THE Government

US flag

It would be a shock to most Americans when eventually 300million people realize that they have been and are being fooled and manipulated. If anyone were to say “the US Government is run by Wall Street, mega corporations, their lobbyists and the super-rich” they are certainly not far from the truth. The knowledge of this should drive home why countries are being invaded and companies end up gaining the contracts while placing their own American soldiers in harms way. It should also make people begin to realize why freedom of speech, monitoring and surveillance systems through the National Security Act has been to actually silence people who begin to see the truth while the supposedly ‘fair’ and ‘balanced’ media is part of the problem. For the rest of the world it is extremely important that foreign governments realize that in dealing with the American Government they are actually having to deal with the shadow of US corporate’s and their lobbyists, for it is their say that prevails in the global arena.

America is a nation that is $17trillion in federal debt, $6trillion in State debt, $125trillion in corporate debt, $15trillion in personal debt and $1trillion in credit card/student loan debt and $128trillion unfunded liabilities.

America is close to $294trillion in debt.

While the country’s figures look dismal, the “richest 1 percent in the United States now own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined. The average employee needs to work more than a month to earn what the CEO earns in one hour.  The top 10 U.S. banks control 77 percent of all U.S. banking assets  (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo) now control assets equivalent to approximately 60 percent of America’s gross national product. More than 50 percent of all stocks and bonds are owned by just 1 percent of the population. It is said that 147 companies control the entire global economy. Anyone earning more than $380,000 enters the 1% elite in America. The next shocking bit of news is that these 147 companies are controlled by just 4 companies – McGraw-Hill, Northwestern Mutual, CME Group and Barclays.

The extent to which Americans are influenced and manipulated is proved when 5 corporations control 90% of US mass media and they are all linked to the political establishments. Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany and Viacom (CBS). Thus they are able to influence how America and the world thinks via newspapers, magazines, books, radio, tv, movies, web news. They are able to influence Americans and the world on social, political, economic and even value systems that they conform to.

All these 5 media corporations contribute generously to both Republicans and Democrats and are also members of key US think tanks that formulate the US Government policies. The think tanks have been responsible for Iraq War (CFR), US control of Eurasian landmass (CFR), bombing of Serbia and Libya and even overthrow of elected government in Ukraine (CFR). The 5 media corporations naturally deliver biased coverage.

So when the US ‘Government’ tells countries they are a ‘failed state’ is it the corporate America talking? If the US ‘Government’ accuses countries of ‘human rights violations’ ‘ war crimes’ etc are these the slogans coming from corporate America and their lobbyists challenged via their media?

Is it ‘corporate America’ that decided to make Saddam Hussein a ‘friend’ before he was turned into a ‘foe’? Did the same happen to Osama bin Laden too? Are the current ISIS terrorists also in their control? Is it because corporate America wants to remain in Iraq that these ‘Islamic Jihadi’ movements suddenly spring into being?

The newest group of ‘influencers’ are the corporate ‘lobby’ tasked to ‘buy’ people and given salaries that range from $300,000 to 1million for their success. New York Times “(2008) also revealed that the salaries of 13,000 lobbyists bribing Congress combined was $3.5billion!

Corporate America abusing human rights of 2million prisoners

Another example to showcase how powerful corporate America is over its own Government is the influence they have on the over 2million prison population most of whom are Black or Hispanic and who are made to work in various industries for pittance, who do not dare to strike, who work full time, are never arrive late or get absent, no family problems to solve, no insurance and in case an odd one does refuse the solution is confinement in isolated cells! These prisoners produces 100% of all military helmets, ammunition belts, bullet-proof vests, shirts, pants, tent bags (Left Business Observer) There’s a lot more that the prison population of the US manufacture too!

Corporate America stands guilty for over 2million deaths since WW2

US direct and indirect military interventions have lefts over 2million dead and counting whiles we cannot fathom the numbers of injured, maimed or the economies and environments of countries that the US has destroyed while needlessly sending its own US citizens to death for wars that were never declared against the US. A good look at most of the conflicts that US has started is indicative of a corporate interest which again highlights how far corporate steer US policy.

US corporate agenda for Europe began with the Marshall Plan (European Recovery Plan) legalizing and institutionalizing US foreign aid. The Balkan wars were again engineered to assure trade markets, control of world resources and to make non-Western nations conform to an economic plan that would cripple nations and leave them eternally indebt and under control and domination by a group of people who now control the world.

US foreign policy and military adventures in Asia have been disastrous but nonetheless US has supported regimes that have killed thousands. Vietnam War, Cambodia are some of these misadventures.

Corporate US in action in the Middle East was seen how Iran’s democratically elected leader Mossadegh was overthrown by the CIA and the Shah installed into power. Mossadeghs crime was his intention to nationalize Iranian oil and the US approved the overthrow of a democratically elected leader to stop this. US has treated Iraq as both friend and foe. Iraq was a friend to be used against Iran and Iraq soon became foe when it was fooled into invading Kuwait. Today Iraq is a devastated nation. Its people are displaced, living as refugees even inside their own country, mercenaries abound and armed to ensure Iraq is not at peace, military personnel are sent to guard the ‘interests’ of US companies who have taken over virtually all Iraq’s assets.

Lebanon became a target of US because its banking system was not connected to the international central bank network. The targeting of Syria, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Libya were all for the same reasons. None of the attackers of 9/11 were Afghans but Afghanistan was attacked and occupied again to secure business interests inside Afghanistan. Is it a surprise that the manufacture of opium and its transport across Europe has increased! It then should not be a surprise to wonder why the Republic of Congo, resource rich remains in strife and came at the cost of killing a dynamic leader – Patrice Lumumba because he would have stood in the way of corporate interests.

Latin America has been victim of the US Monroe Doctrine’s protectorate policy denying countries outside the Western Hemisphere to interfere in Latin America. Latin America was turned into a continent suffering poverty, corruption, illiteracy and disease. Guatemala’s fate was sealed when elected Jacobo Arbenz adopted reforms for the poor. All it took was for the US banana companies to phone the US and CIA began training ‘rebels’ and Arbenz was history. 100,000 Guatemalans died because US corporate interests would have been affected due to land reforms!

Thus corporations and their lobbyists have influenced US government policy. Scandals involving MPs are all part of the plan to bring politicians to kneel before them. Look at the contractors, whatever their failures their contracts never end. There is little checks and balances when these companies have other means to ‘silence’ the governmental system and ensure no actions are taken against them. When media is also in corporate control would they ever expose their own unless it involves a bigger plan wherein they will benefit once more?

The US corporations today resemble the former European monarchies possessing power, control, dictating the rules under which people and government functions. US corporations, like it or not control even the judiciary, America’s national wealth and who gets elected as US President. The Supreme Court removed all legal restraints on the extent of corporate financial involvement in politics. Need we wonder whether these corporate would work in the interest of the people?

The corporate CEO salaries have never gone down because of recession and to top it all they even get ‘bailouts’ when they want to crash their companies! Most of the US companies are today abolishing pension systems for their employees (IBM).

The treatment of the Occupy Wall Street protesters is enough proof that corporate America is very much in control of how Americans live. The boardroom is where the American people need to take back the leadership from the selfish hands that now rule America and influence the world too.

This is a dangerous scenario. The lobbyists are tapping into the hard earned money of Third World governments promising that they would influence western governments but not delivering on those promises. This trend should not be allowed to continue. The current scenario is making a mockery out of governance and governments and placing the lives of the entire world into the hands of corporate interests who are concerned about nothing but profit and luxurious living at the cost of anything and anyone.

– by Shenali D Waduge