ITN staff continues protest for 4th day

ITN Sri Lanka

Employees of the Independent Television Network (ITN) staged a protest for the fourth consecutive day today (January 02). The employees are protesting against the political appointments of the Networks managerial staff and the massive financial irregularities that allegedly took place at the ITN in the past.

The protesters charge that the management has taken steps to suspend 13 employees of the ITN who were involved in the protests.

A member of the ‘collective to protect ITN’, Sujith Vidanapathirana told media that the ITN security unit had been instructed in writing not to allow the 13 employees to enter the ITN premises stating that they were interdicted.

He said about 400 ITN employees including the interdicted 13 employees had been engaged in the protest campaign urging the authorities not to make political appointments leading to inefficiency and the collapse of the institute.

In a letter addressed to the president, the employees of ITN stated that Rs. 677 million, that was in a fixed deposit, of the ITN had been withdrawn for use during the past three years.

13 members of ITN staff have been interdicted
Protest by interdicted 13 members of ITN staff