“Now jokers are talking as if they are engaged in the war. I will take the full responsibility for the manner in which the war was conducted and its result,” said parliamentarian General Sarath Fonseka at a media briefing held today.

“As the former Army commander, I have always stated that I will take full responsibility for the manner in which the war was conducted and its result. Now these jokers are talking as if it was they who engaged in the war. I will give evidence. These jokers won’t fall into trouble.

“It will be said that General Fonseka will give false evidence to gain political advantage. Why do I need to give false evidence? If I say that war crimes took place, then I will be locked up in the nearest cell. But now there’s no problem since I am already in prison,” said the General.

“However they may treat me a bit better than I am being treated here in prison. They may not treat me in such a demeaning manner. There is a police officer who goes everywhere I go like a shadow. If you look towards the door, you will be able to see that a parliamentarian has lost his privileges and freedom at the point.” said the General Fonseka.

Meanwhile, expressing his view about the fast being conducted outside the UN head office in Colombo, Anura Kumara Dissanayake stated that this act is nothing more than a drama.

“We accept the right for a political organization to voice their objections based on their own ideologies within a democratic framework. But we want to ask one thing. Why is this right not being granted to the opposition,” questioned Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

“You may recall how six Buddhist priests engaged in a fast opposite the Fort Railway Station, not within the high security zone, requesting for General Sarath Fonseka’s release and for him to be sent to a doctor when he was serious. How did the government and police react to that fast? This is nothing more that a drama that is being staged across the country. I believe that this is nothing more than a comedy,” stated the parliamentarian Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

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