JVP claims it can save the country

JVP Sri Lanka

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), issuing a New Year message, said that Sri Lanka will step into 2020 facing a spate of challenges on the social, political and economic fronts compared to recent years.

The Party said that Sri Lanka will face severe economic challenges in 2020 as the country’s debt burden has exceeded Rs 1.2 billion.

They said that even the present Finance Minister of the caretaker Government had claimed publicly that the country’s Treasury was bankrupt.

The JVP said that the present economic mess is primarily due to bungling by successive Governments since gaining independence 71 years ago.
They also stated that Sri Lanka will also face severe challenges on the social and political fronts as well in 2020.

Among a few of the burning issues will be the heated competitive education market for which both parents and students are engaged in a never ending struggle, the health service which is being sold for a pittance and the transport service with the barest of facilities available, said the JVP.

Hence, the JVP has urged the public to join forces with them in the New Year to fulfil the aspirations and dreams of all Sri Lankans rather than siding with the traditional major political parties who are only interested in serving themselves and their kith and kin and not the masses.

(Source: Ceylon Today)