JVP Leader takes up issue of severe shortage of fertilizer

Anura Kumara Dissanayake

Farmers countrywide were undergoing many hardships as there was a severe shortage of fertiliser, but the government had failed to take any action to arrest the situation, Chief Opposition whip and JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake told Parliament yesterday.

“Farmers have taken to the streets crying out for the attention of the government to get their fertilizers, but in vain,” MP Dissanayake said.

“The Prime Minister, the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister under whose purview the Paddy Marketing Board comes are not present in the House at this moment,” the MP said.

Such a situation had arisen as the government had decided to do away with the provision of subsidised fertilizer, the JVP leader said. Thereafter, when the farmers resorted to agitations the government had promised to give each of them Rs 25,000 per year. “Now there is a fertiliser scarcity,” the JVP leader said.

The Leader of the House and University Education and Highways Minister Lakshman Kiriella: How are you raising that issue? Under what provisions is the MP raising that issue?

MP Dissanayake: This is an issue of national importance. The government has no mechanism to solve the problems of farmers.

Leader of the House: The proper procedure should be followed in raising issues and queries. You cannot stand up and ask questions at will. Even party leaders are bound by the procedures.

(Opposition MPs shout)

Leader of the House: If we permit this method, all will get up and ask questions. You cannot do so in parliament of which the procedures are governed by Standing Orders and traditions.

(Source: The Island – By Saman Indrajith)