JVP warns of US intervention due to gas supply deal

Nalinda Jayatissa

The JVP says the United States will have the opportunity to deploy a permanent vessel near the Port of Colombo due to the agreement to transfer the ownership of gas supply to the Kerawalapitiya Power Plant to an American firm.

Speaking during a media briefing today, former Parliamentarian Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa said this is a concerning situation at a time when geopolitics in the Indian Ocean region is under severe pressure.

Jayatissa said the US is looking for a foothold within the region in various locations including Diego Garcia, Maldives and Sri Lanka.

The former MP said the US task was made easy by the agreement which allows the establishment of a floating storage within territorial waters.

He said the agreement which was signed without the knowledge of the public and even the Cabinet of Ministers leads to an energy monopoly with the US, waste and corruption and paves the way for possible American intervention.

Furthermore, Jayatissa said the transfer of authority to supply gas to the Kerawalapitiya Power Plant to an American firm will cause a huge loss to Sri Lanka amounting USD 1.5 billion.

He said the particular firm will also supply gas to the Kelanitissa Power Station, proposed Muthurajawela Power Plant and to any future gas power plants which will be established in the country.

He said this action will give the US a license to intervene.

The former MP said the US firm will have the power to decide if the country receives electricity, once they are vested with the monopoly of supplying energy to the majority of the energy demand.

Dr. Jayatissa warned that the US will have the authority to make decision pertaining to all industry including agriculture industry.

(Source: News Radio)