Liquor prices up with Budget

Sri Lanka among top boozing nations

The prices of liquor both Arrack and beer had been increased with immediate effect as proposed in the 2016 budget that was announced on Friday.

The price of a liter of government authorized Arrack (Palm/Coconut) has been increased by Rs.255 which was from Rs.1, 595 to Rs.1, 850.

According to the Ministry of Finance a liter of locally manufactured foreign liquor has been increased by Rs.170 which is from Rs.1, 860 to Rs.2, 030.

A bottle of beer with alcohol volume exceeding 5% has been increased by Rs.70 which was from Rs.245 to Rs.315.

Meanwhile a bottle of beer with alcohol volume less than 5% had been decreased by Rs.30 which was from Rs.190 to 160.

(Daily Mirror)