Long queues to buy essential goods following rumors of price hike

Long queues to buy essential goods in Sri Lanka

Hundreds of people lined up outside shops across many areas in the country as rumors about a possible price increase of essential commodities spread on Monday (27).

Locals allege that a shortage of essential goods is evident, adding most shops do not have stocks for sale.

The essential commodities that would possibly see a price increase are rice, gas, and milk powder.

At the same time, approximately 800 freight containers remain stationary at the harbour.

Last week, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa instructed authorities to take the necessary measures to release these consignments.

Yet, there are concerns over finances involved in this process.

Finance Secretary S. R. Attygalle told News 1st that a mechanism was prepared to release US dollars to the importers in order to have their consignments with essential goods released from the harbour.

Accordingly, importers are required to submit details of their consignments to the Finance Ministry.

(Source: News 1st)