Milk tea prices drop in Sri Lanka

Milk tea

The price of a cup of milk tea in Sri Lanka has been reduced by Rs.10, the All-Island Restaurant Owners’ Association announced today (March 25).

This decision has been taken as a result of the government’s decision to reduce the price of imported milk powder with effect from midnight Sunday (March 24), it said.

The Ministry of Trade had taken steps to lower the price of a kilogram of imported milk powder by 150 rupees and a 400-gram packet by Rs. 60, effective from midnight yesterday (March 24).

Meanwhile, National Consumer Front Chairman Asela Sampath urges people to limit their expenditure on a cup of tea to Rs. 80 starting today.

Addressing the media, he said even though the imported milk powder prices have been slashed, that benefit will not be given to the people by the restaurant owners.

Therefore, he requested the people not to pay more than Rs. 80 for a cup of milk tea from today.

He also requested the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) to announce the maximum price for a cup of milk tea as Rs. 80 from today.