Minister Wimal has no intension of challenging the monks

Wimal Weerawansa

While stating that he would not respond to the challenge posed by Ven. Galagodaatte Gnasara Thera of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) against him, Minister Wimal Weerawansa yesterday charged that the BBS should challenge Dilantha Vithanage of the BBS and the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo.

Issuing a statement the National Freedom Front quoting the minister said he had a great respect for the monks because their political lives were interwoven with their teachings, and therefore as and when ever Buddhist monks threw out challenges, he was never ready to respond to the challenge.

This was stated by the minister at a distribution of hand bills in front of the Fort station, against the holding of the Northern Provincial Council elections.

He further said that what he said at the inception was not his assumption, but one Dilantha Vithanage of the organization (BBS) who was an agent of Norway had told in a discussion with the Asian Tribune Web site. To quote what he said, “They were taken to Norway, and were provided with food and lodging.” A list of those persons taken to Norway was published by the Norwegian Embassy.

In the news release of the embassy it had been stated they provided educational aid. Aid means, whether given in cash or kind it was aid which had a monetary value, the Minister said, adding that the challenge should be made to Dilantha Withanage and the Norwegian Embassy; it was what they said and what transpired from their news publications.

(Courtesy: DM Online)