MT New Diamond: Sri Lanka claims Rs. 340 Million

The New Diamond crude carrier of Indian Oil Corporation is on fire

The Attorney General has submitted an interim claim for Rs. 340 Million to the owners of the ‘MT New Diamond’ Oil Tanker for cost incurred for the assistance rendered to the vessel and other related matters.

The Coordinating Officer of the Attorney General said the claim was submitted to the lawyers in writing today.

However, no claims have been made pertaining the damages the fire and the oil leak caused to the marine environment.

She said a separate claim will be made following a report submitted by the Marine Environment Protection Authority.

The Attorney General has determined that the ship will not be permitted to leave the Sri Lankan waters until the compensation payments are paid in full.

Several rounds of discussions were held with government officials and also with the representatives of the fire-stricken oil taker to determine the compensation payments.

The fire-stricken ‘MT New Diamond’ vessel is currently about 45 nautical miles off Batticaloa.

Two fires were reported onboard the oil tanker following an engine room explosion.

Officials, vessels and equipment belonging to the Sri Lanka Navy, Air Force, the Coast Guard, the Sri Lanka Ports Authority and Indian officials were used to douse the fire.

Following several inspections, the local authorities also identified an oil leak.

Subsequently, several preventive measures were taken to minimise the damages to the environment and to the marine life.

(Source: News Radio)