Nine arrested at copper factory owned by bombers granted bail

Court Decision

Nine of the ten suspects, who were arrested at the copper factory allegedly used to manufacture the bombs detonated at three churches and three luxury hotels on Easter Sunday, have been released on bail.

The court ordered the 10th suspect; Karupiah Rajendran Abdullah to be remanded until the 20th of May.

The police informed court today, that the owner of the Copper factory who carried out a suicide bomb attack had the converted the suspect and married him off to a Muslim woman. Additionally, the police informed the court, following an analysis of the telephone conversations, that the 3rd suspect; Mohamed Lafeer had maintained a close relationship with the Shang-ri La Hotel suicide bomber.

Police investigations had revealed that all 10 suspects in question had used 02 to 08 SIM cards. Police added that although the suspects claimed they worked at the Copper factory for a monthly salary of Rs 30,000 the telephone records of the suspects revealed that they mostly, spent their time out of the factory premises gathering data around Colombo and suburbs.

The police informed the court the monthly rental for the houses they resided exceeded Rs. 30,000 and requested the court to deny bail for the suspects.

The police said the suspects were arrested in a joint raid carried out by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) at the factory.

The police commenced probes on them to identify if they had any direct involvement in the suicide bombings on Easter Sunday.

When the suspects were produced before the court today, the police told the court that a decision is yet to be taken on the Act under which the suspects should be prosecuted, however, investigations regarding the suspects are ongoing.

Accordingly, the Colombo Magistrate’s Court ordered to release nine of the suspects on bail and to further remand the other suspects until May 20th.