No community should live segregated or isolated – Sri Lanka President

No community should live segregated or isolated - Sri Lanka President

All those who are born in Sri Lanka are the proud citizens of this nation and no community should live segregated or isolated. One who is not a patriot cannot be a good member of his or her community.  We must respect humanity, as this is what that has been taught in all religions.

This was emphasized by President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing a function held at the Muslim Ladies College in Bambalapitiya, yesterday in connection with the declare opening of the new four storied building complex of the school, built on personal financial contribution made by the Senior Minister A.H.M Fowzie. The President also declared open the preliminary information technology unit of the school.

The President pointed out that problems within the country will get created if the people live distanced from each other and that no one who lives isolated could enjoy the fruits of development being carried out in the country.

The President said that this is the country in which we have been born and if this country is to be built for the future generation and the generations that are to be born, the Muslim ladies should also take up education and should come forward.  He said that it is not for the past we should live, but for the future of the country.  He said that everyone should get an education in a manner that will not affect or harm their religion and the culture.  The President pointed out that despite being Sinhala, Hindu, Muslim and Christians, we have lived in this country for generations, and everyone born in this country should consider the country as their motherland and should love and respect the country of birth.

Speaking further the President said communal harmony and unity are a must for the overall development of the country and moreover for protecting the country’s good image. He pointed out that we can stand firm only if we are united and divided we will fall.  He added that education is the major resource while knowledge is the main weapon, and the future of the country is with the younger generation especially with the students.

The President disclosed that the entire education system will be subjected to change soon in order to meet the modern day requirements. Accordingly, the mother tongue, history and religion will be taught in every school, including private schools. School children should know the glory and the grandeur of the history of the country and their mother tongue as well. No one can ignore the history of the country, since it is part and parcel of society. He said that knowing history will help one face any challenge in a competitive environment.

The President said that a student should be a person of quality, equipped with a multitude of skills willing and able to help the country’s forward march. He said schools pave the way for ethnic harmony and peace, while creating a better environment for mutual relationship among all ethnic groups. He said friendly and brotherly bonds between students of all ethnic groups especially in schools, like at Muslim Ladies College Colombo is an example to the country. He emphasized that Sinhala,Tamil and Muslim students engaged in learning and educational activities in a friendly manner in the school without considering ethnic, religious, language or other differences helps strengthen communal harmony and unity.

Senior Minister  A.H.M.Fawzie, and Minister of Education Bandula Gunawardene also spoke at this function.

Source: Government News Portal