President Mahinda Rajapaksa with Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa
Onlanka News –
by Dr. Telli C Rajaratnam



Liberated North

We have just liberated the North from the terrorists, there may be concealed elements masquerading with the public. De-mining is still in progress in the best interests of the inhabitants of the North. Resettlement is almost complete. Roads repaired and constructed. Schools rebuilt and renovated. Electricity provided. More than all these the freedom of movement which was curtailed by the terrorists who terrorized the inhabitants of the North.

Militant Tamils stalk the North

There are still acts of violence, abductions and kidnapping, robberies committed by Tamil Militants with a reflex scenario as if the Armed Forces were responsible. Our Armed Forces are the most disciplined Armed Forces under the directive of Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. Whatever their brand name is, it the Tamil militant terrorists who have always been an impediment to the nation and the inhabitants of the North.

Have we eradicated Terrorism or the LTTE? Why do we still live in fear? Is it not because we have been made to fear the terror tactics of all Tamil militants? Is one Tamil militant better than the other? History has proved that they never changed. There is a lucid interval in every criminal Tamil Terrorist? History has proved that Terrorists enjoy imputing fear into the minds of the people. We find to our utter dismay that Democratic Tamil Parties are still advocating the ideologies and idiosyncrasies of the LTTE-there is no exception. Even parties aligned and purportedly supporting the Government are double tongued- they say white to the Government and black to the people they represent, simply because they want to ensure that they are voted back to power from the North.

The Tamil Phobia likened to rabies

Time and time again the writer has persistently reiterated the necessity to ban political parties with the tag EELAM. Although various interpretations are given by bearded politicians, bald politicians and graying politicians all from the North their ulterior motive is their own survival at the expense of the country, the Nation and Democracy the norms of which are flagrantly violated thus enabling them to qualify to be listed as Human Rights violators by the US State Department Reports on Human Rights for consecutive years. So, eventually the Government is blamed for the atrocities of Tamil perpetrators masked with democracy. In the writers view, they are all branches of the hard core LTTE withering and struggling for survival.

The destruction of the LTTE  

All over the world the pride of most Tamils in general has been hurt by the eradication of the LTTE whom they considered as their voice quite to their detriment. It is now time to make them understand that this was for their own good and that the LTTE was making use of the innocent Tamils as human shields, as sources of income to establish their empire. We have to make them understand that they would have been deprived of democracy if ever there was an eelam. The LTTE was the private limited liability company of Velupillai Pirabaharan and his companions some of whom have branched out and started their own private companies in the form of Political parties in different names and have been lucky to register them as political parties in Sri Lanka.

Elections in the North unwise

It is not in the best interest interests of the inhabitants of the North  to have the elections until the reconciliation and de mining process is complete. Trust has to be built. Even if there is an election who would be eligible to contest? Who are the Tamils contemplating on contesting the elections in the North? All of them at some point or the other have supported the LTTE or had secret pacts with the LTTE. Most of them have been guilty of heinous crimes of terror, abductions, extortion, assassinations, murders, rape and every conceivable offence in the Penal Code, Prevention of Terrorism Act and the Emergency Regulations. How many of them escaped from Prison and are enjoying their old deeds with ease and comfort? How did the Elections Commissioner recognize these political parties whose party constitutions and their track record, past and present performance has

been a flagrant violation of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka ? How were they are able to register and create Political Parties like wayside mushrooms? How many Tamil Political Parties exist today? What are their track records? The Tamils do not trust them. The Tamil people rely on the Government to guide them, to lead them and to govern them not Tamil militant parasites.

If there is Tamil administration in the North headed by Militant Political parties or parties that have at any point of time supported the LTTE, it would be disastrous for the reconciliation and development process, whilst the Tamil parties will create a mini eelam and a phantom LTTE to continue the violent activities to develop their respective limited liability companies namely their political parties and strength.

We have repossessed the North but are we going to risk it by giving it to these Tamils who have a dark past and a suspicious present? Only time can tell.

No Racial Discrimination

Whilst an innocent Sinhala man is being convicted for stealing a loaf of bread to eat how can the Tamil murderous terrorist, get amnesty? What is happening? Are we not heading towards disaster? Fear psychosis has infiltrated the Tamils. They are afraid to speak against all the Tamil Political Parties in the North. These Militant Tamils have track records of extortion, murder and assassinations.

Tamil Militant Atrocities

I have been listening to various Political Leaders in Colombo requesting the Sri Lankans living overseas to return to the country. I have received several responses from many professionals from all communities living overseas- their fear is whether it is safe to come when the mini model LTTE parties (Tamil Militant Political Parties)are roaming freely with absolute freedom more than the freedom of a common Sinhala, Muslim, Burgher or Tamil man. The Tamils living overseas will not come to Colombo, if North will be under the Tamil Politicians with track records of heinous crimes obviously they fear of being abducted and asked for ransom.

None of these Tamil Militant Political Parties are Patriotic! They are all trying to conquer the North. I know them well. I have lost my father Late Justice T.W.Rajaratnam(SLFP National List (1989-1994) Member of Parliament who was poisoned by a militant Tamil group , my cousin Dr.Neelan Tiruchelvam P.C.,M.P., who was assassinated and a relative Lakshman Kadirgamar P.C., M.P., who was assassinated. My former Boss and friend Jeyaraj Fernandopulle was assassinated by the LTTE. The Tamil Militant Groups in Colombo were uncomfortable by their presence that is why they aided and abetted with the LTTE. All these deaths were with the collusion, connivance and conspiracy of one or more Tamil Militant Groups. They will never let an educated Tamil intellectual to be involved in Politics.

North is just not only for Tamils

The North is the homeland of all Sri Lankans like the EAST, WEST and the SOUTH .It does not belong only to the Tamils. It belongs to all Sri Lankans. How is it that Tamils can live in Colombo-7, Wellawatte, Dehiwela, Bambalapitiya, Kandy, Matale, Hatton, Nuwara Eliya, Matara, Galle, and every conceivable electorate?  Tamils are engaged in business activities from 1st cross street to 5th Cross street, kotahena, Sea Street and all over the island and the Tamil politicians lament about the Sinhalese coming to the North. This attitude must change.

Sinhalese Neglected and Overlooked Not the Tamils


Has the Sinhala common man enjoyed equality?, he has been OVERLOOKED during our talks about peace. For thirty or more years and now people are talking of the rights of Tamils, then who speaks of the rights gradually taken away from the Sinhala common man? Why has he got to suffer? Take the Universities as well : to common knowledge there are several Universities. But do Sinhala students enter the Jaffna and Batticaloa Universities? But the Tamil students are eligible to enter all the Universities in Sri Lanka.

The Sinhalese are wonderful, hospitable people by nature. The Tamil Militants have exploited them too. The international community is being misled with the collusion, connivance and conspiracy of Tamil Militant Political Parties who work hand in hand with the LTTE proxy parties.

Sinhalese, Tamils, Burghers, Muslims, Malays and Chinese have every right to settle in the North. There should be mixed administration. We should not segregate communities to territorial jurisdiction. Every citizen has a right to live anywhere. I salute the President for his courageous leadership. I have no doubt he will eradicate the remnants of the LTTE and all those Eelam militant Groups who have mischievously registered their militant Groups as Political Parties. They wear masks of democracy but they are all the same with militant ideologies.

These Tamil militant Groups and their Political Parties have created a phantom LTTE to fulfill their purposes and continue to roam and violence stalks the northern land.Thus, the presence of the Armed Forces is a sine qua non-necessity.

The Nation has to be saved. We must now, as citizens of this great country eradicate the menace of terrorism.

Every citizen owes his or her allegiance to the Constitution and to the Head of State- the duly elected President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. National Anthem should be sung in its original form in sinhala as stipulated by the Constitution.

Resolution of Conflict

President Rajapaksa with Mr. Gotabhaya RajapaksaDue to our internal conflicts which we could have long resolved, external forces with vested interests have all sought to intervene some in the pretext of resolving the conflict but our experience has proved that the gap of resolution of conflict does not seem to be narrower now.

PATRIOT ACT a necessity like in the USA

Laws will have to be enacted not to deny the basic liberties but to prevent their abuse and protect the most basic liberty of all; freedom from terror. The people are terrorized by certain vested interests in their vile pursuits for power committing crimes and targeting a reflex scenario as if the Government was responsible.

Defence Secretary’s Affirmative Action-Greatest Defender of Sri Lanka

The Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has always taken affirmative action. The war was won because of the Defence Secretary. The LTTE was eradicated because of the Defence Secretary. The Urban Development is at rapid pace because of the Defence Secretary. Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa cannot pretend. He has proved his efficiency and his expertise in war and peace. He has effectively defended the Armed Forces during turbulent times when the International community was misled- his eloquence and skills of armed combat and strategy, advocacy is akin to a combination Gen.Patton and Sir Edward Marshall Hall  – The Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has been the greatest defender of Sri Lanka both during the war and the aftermath of the war. His eloquence of speech has been recorded as exemplary as he read no paper but spoke from his mind and heart-such patriotism is very rare. Some of my friends in the diplomatic circles were impressed by his style of addressing the audience.

Common Endeavour

We are a community of people, whose self interest and mutual interest at crucial points merge and that it is through a sense of justice that community is born and nurtured. This is the moment to bring the faiths closer together in understanding of our common values and heritage a source of unity and strength. By the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more together than we can alone. We must reach beyond our fears and our divisions to a new time of great and common purpose. Let us trace the roots of affirmative action. Let us determine what it is and what it isn’t. Let us see where it has worked and where it hasn’t and ask ourselves what we need to do now.

Defence Secretary & President saved the Nation

As the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, President Mahinda Rajapaksa affirmed and approved the defence strategies of the Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa . There are individuals and groups who may be critical of the President and the Defence Secretary for political gain, but the President has always taken affirmative action within the norms required of the President. We cannot restore peace unless we can find some way to bring the nation close together. We must be Patriotic. We must uphold and defend the Constitution and the Head of State-the President. We owe allegiance to the President and the Constitution as Citizens of Sri Lanka. We must uphold the norms of the Constitution apprehend and prosecute those who terrorize us by their actions and threats, then economic prosperity will follow suit. Our destiny lies in our hands.