Now, plastic crates a must to transport tea leaves

The government has decided to make plastic crates mandatory to transport tea leaves, Plantation Industries Deputy Minister Earl Gunasekara said. This decision was taken to ensure the quality of tea, he said. The deputy minister said certain regulations have already been implemented in this regard. “It will be made mandatory to use plastic crates or any other variety of crates approved by the Sri Lanka Tea Board to transport tea leaves in the coming months,” he said.

“Through this, damage to tea leaves will be minimised,” the deputy minister said.

“This will also ensure the quality of tea.

We hope to make plastic crates mandatory in the coming months. We will carry on whatever obstacles that arise. We have discussed the issue with tea cultivators,” Gunasekara said.

According to the deputy minister, the government will take measures to arrest persons who do not use plastic crates to transport tea leaves.


Courtesy: Daily News