NPP won’t form an alliance with any political party – Lalkantha

K.D. Lalkantha

The JVP says the National People’s Power (NPP) has no intention of forming an alliance with any political party.

Speaking to the media following a rally in Kundasale, JVP Politburo member KD Lalkantha noted the people rallied around the NPP as they have lost faith in other political parties.

He said therefore if the NPP forms an alliance with the same political parties the people will move away and have no alternative.

Lalkantha said therefore the NPP will not form an alliance with any political party, adding however progressive members within the parties can join the NPP.

He stated however the NPP will look into them before joining hands with them.

KD Lalkantha further said state resources that were taken from the people under former administrations will be reclaimed under a NPP-led government.

He added that it is the people’s wish.

He claimed however leaders who sold state resources will join forces, regardless of which party they are in, against the NPP.

Lalkantha said however the people have come forward and rallied together adding a force that has the people’s power will be able to withstand any obstacle.

He claimed the people are aware that the present government must be sent away, and that the country needs a government that puts an end to corruption and fraud.

He urged the public to remain strong and not be deceived by various claims made by authorities.

(Source: News Radio)