Police bust group over forged cheques scam

Handcuffs - Arrest by Police

Police arrested four individuals over financial fraud amounting to Rs.43 million of a bank account belonging to a leading steel wire manufacturing firm in the country.

Police said the fraud was committed on the 12th of April.

Fraudulent cheques were presented by the group engaged in organised crime, who were later arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department.

The group had hired individuals to pose as employees of the steel wire manufacturing firm, dressed in similar uniform and used them to cash the forged cheques.

The operation was carried out at branches of a private bank in Borella, Rajagiriya, Fort, Pettah, Kiribathgoda and Dalugama by simultaneously trying to cash the cheques amounting to Rs.43 million.

The CID arrested a 34-year-old from Hanwella for printing the fraudulent cheques.

An individual who arrived from the UAE recently was also arrested in connection to the incident, while an officer of a bank who aided the operation was also arrested.

(Source: News Radio)