Police warns public amid reports of attacks in villages: Don’t take the law into your hands

The Police yesterday requested the public not to take the law into their own hands but let the law enforcement personnel handle incidents of criminality. Police Spokesman SP Prishantha Jayakody said several incidents of residents attacking individuals arriving in their villages for sight-seeing and other purposes have been reported from several areas.

These attacks are being carried out by the villagers under the false notion of a Grease Yaka which is a myth and a scapegoat for other misdoings, he added in a statement.

SP Jayakody also said that certain individuals were using the opportunity to avenge personal grudges, spread false rumours and engage in such activities for their own amusement.

“At a time when a peaceful atmosphere prevails and people move freely to all parts since the end of terrorism and as intelligent citizens living in a country where hospitality towards both local and foreign travellers is of the highest order, the Police request the people to act in a more responsible and a disciplined manner”, he said. The Police Spokesman also warned that there was no leniency in the law for mythical tales. “Those who take law into their own hands and carry out such attacks would be punished irrespective of their status”, he added.


Courtesy: Daily News