President recalls his days in prison ‘I had only a 2 x 6 cell infested with bugs and mossies’

President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Saturday said that he had not enjoyed the luxury of hot water showers while he was in prison.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the SLFP reorganization ceremony in Anuradhapura, the President said: “I did not have an electric fan or a good cell while I was in prison. I was given only a two by six cell infested with bugs. We served the time swatting mosquitoes. I suffered for three months at Magazine going through hell. While we were in the opposition our houses were destroyed and we were thrown behind bars. Today, the perpetrators are crying blue murder about the conditions in prisons.”

President Rajapaksa said there were 126 SLFP members in Parliament and it was the highest number of MPs the SLFP had got in the history of the party. “People voted for us because we always were with them and lived with them,” he said.

The Opposition was afraid of elections because they were convinced of imminent defeat and further rejection by the masses,” President Rajapaksa told a cheering crowd.  “While we were in the Opposition we were fighting for elections, but today the Opposition is making a frantic effort to move the courts to delay elections,” he said.


Courtesy: The Island