President salutes working masses for boundless sacrifices

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Issuing a message for May Day, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa paid a tribute to the working masses who are making boundless sacrifices in the face of challenges before the nation caused by COVID-19 outbreak.

His message: “Many were the challenges we faced and overcame throughout history. In each such instance, working class in the country is the segment that was directly affected and at the forefront. History has proven their resilience and commitment, which, indeed is a great credit to the working class. It is certain that we will win the battle against COVID-19 as we had conquered all the difficulties in the past, hand in hand with the working class.

International Workers’ Day is an opportunity to showcase the unity, strength and revolutionary spirit of working people to the world. The global working community has lost the opportunity to celebrate May Day this time due to the global pandemic. Nevertheless, I am confident that their determination to create a better and just society will remain the same.

Our government, despite difficult circumstances, did not disrupt the daily life of the working people. We not allow any room for such a situation to occur. Similarly, we will take steps to secure daily livelihood of the workforce by ensuring the functioning of the production and service sectors while mitigating the effects of the epidemic.

Last year the working class of our country had to forego May Day celebrations due to the Easter Sunday carnage. Even though we have ended that inhumaneness, due to unexpected world epidemic situation, this time too, May Day celebrations and processions will not be held.

This decision was taken according to the guidelines prescribed by the health authorities. Nevertheless, we should pursue the struggle to achieve just rights.”

(Source: Daily News)