Prime Minister should resign as Finance Minister – Dhammika Perera

Dhammika Perera

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe should step down from his Finance Minister portfolio, Minister Dhammika Perera says.

The parliamentarian told a media briefing today in Colombo (July 06) that “Sri Lanka’s Finance Minister plans for disaster.”

He said the Finance Minister has no plans to resolve the current dollar crisis in the country and all of Sri Lanka’s economic challenges are linked to the dollar crisis and the Finance Minister has planned to borrow money from friends.

“The Minister of Finance has no future in cash-flow planning for the country,” he said, adding that the Minister delayed all matters relating to dollar earnings, borrowings, bridging finances, available credit lines, and essential goods credit lines.

Minister Perera also charged that he will not let Sri Lanka fall towards destitution, in the face of a severe dollar shortage.

He challenged the Finance Minister to an open debate, adding he will enter the debate without a planned script.

Minister Dhammika Perera said for these reasons the Finance Minister should resign.